Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Vacation

Just drove into Detroit from Canada. Fuck the snow. Fuck ice. Its been too long since I've posted music on here. Gotta get back in the groove. Since I now know what winter is actually like I thought I would post these demos and a remix for the song "Winter Vacation" from the Atlas Sound album.

First Version
Second Version

As an added bonus HERE is a song by Portland's Rob Walmart called WATER-SKIING IN CANADA.
"Canadian security is known to be faulty."

Lotus plaza-dot gain


Hope you guys are enjoying the atlas sound shows out there.
i guess he can't get to this so much so i made a song today
to go up here (nevermind he posted above me just now). it's called dot gain. it's pretty sloppy.
have a good leap day. bye


Monday, February 25, 2008

hey everybody! here is a tour update.

things are going really rad. we've had a few headaches to deal with. we are riding in deerhunter's virtually brand-new van which has never had any problems. suddenly it started stalling out. long story short we left it with wzt hearts jason and the rad people at a warehouse in baltimore and rented a van to do the philly and nyc shows here is a recap of what's been going on so far.

wednesday - chapel hill
rad place. rad soundguy. i thought he would hate me because last time i was there was the single worst deerhunter show we have ever played (i had the flu and lost my voice, josh's bass amp blew, etc.) everyone there was seriously nice and had a great since of humor about it. people seemed to really enjoy the show. i chewed gum and it made me feel sassy. we ate burritos with one of the drummers that played in rollins-era black flag.

thursday - washington d.c.
i love the blackcat backstage. i love the ladies who run it. i liked the kids i got to talk to before and after the show a lot to. there was a deep/serious ice storm threat so it was nice for so many kids to make the effort to come out. we decided to drive to baltimore so we could stay with our friend jason from wzt hearts who lives in a rad warehouse where other members of ecstatic sunshine and other rad bands live. wham city (dan deacon's komedy kult) were rehearsing some kind of avant garde theatre adaptation of "jurassic park" downstairs, so there was constant bizarre screaming. i also awoke to find two kittens wrestling on my chest. the kittens were ultra rad. it was a nice place to get to and chill while we dealt with the van situation.

friday - phillidelphia
kristin and the gang were in full force dealing with the van situation, arranging rentals, organizing gear etc. they like to keep me out of the way, so i sat around listening to kanye west and playing with kittens. we ended up showing up at johnny brenda's in philly HOURS late. dave and amber from dirty projectors loaned us amps and Adam and Honey's rad friends found us a punk rock bass rig and H.C. Basement-style drums. (H.C. = hardcore). the show was really funny and we had a great time. philly rules.

saturday - manhattan

we drove back to baltimore to rent a bigger van so we would not have to backline (borrow gear) for the nyc shows. it took forever and again we showed up really late to the venue. our good friend matt littlejohn (king of soundmen) did sound for us at our two nyc shows. (he is incredible, he's worked with Grizzly Bear, TVOTR, among many others.) the show itself was a little less funny and enjoyable, mainly for me, due to a headcold that came on pretty strong and made me feel supershitty. john norris came from MTV news. he is fucking rad. really awesome guy. got to see lots of old friends and make some new ones. i had my jewish godmother in LA (judy, queen of pr) priceline me a fucking boss 4-star hotel room for CHEAP so that i could soak the fluish grossness out of my bones and sleep soundly. I highly recommend the Barclay on east 48th street in manhattan. priceline is welfare for touring tired punks. i am now addicted.

sunday - brooklyn

this show fucking ruled. good times. i started the day by having kristin meet me at the hotel so we could go to mtv studios to film a news segment with John Norris and CJ, who are super nice and rad and sincere dudes. It was such a trip to be in that building. its in times square and and everyone stands around it with fancy cameras waiting for amy winehouse or somebody to come walking out. the news segment was fun, despite the fact that i was super tired. i tried to do a cover of kanye west's flashing lights to show how i make songs really fast for the blog, but that song is so fucking tight that i don't think i came close to doing it justice. anyway, there was no pressure and all the dudes there were really cool so it was a lot of fun. i went to uniqlo afterwards and dug it as usual. ran into kristin, jane, and julie (all three members of the alphabets in one old volvo) which ruled cause i didn't have to take a train into brooklyn. the williamsburg show was totally fun and i think everyone there had a pretty cool time. i'm trying to make some new songs to put up. i want to make an entire van ep like the one i did in europe last year. expect new stuff in the next day or two.

Monday, February 18, 2008

First Atlas Sound Show

I was super nervous and had about five panic attacks till the family told me to fucking chill. never had stage fright before in my life. its complicated to translate a record you made kind of on the fly while in an mentally agitated state into a feasible structured live performance. honey, adam, and brian all arrived friday night from portland and l.a. so this was kind of a warm up / practice show. we were all kind of winging it. the set will probably be much different and more expanded by the time we hit a town near you. my mom came and brought me a flower from my aunt's yard. (the first sign of spring, she explained.)
Our friends Mike White and Sloan Simpson where there and made photos and an audio recording, respectively. Our buddy Lynn also came by as well as my cousin Kelly. My mom can be clearly heard as the loudest most supportive audience member. Also it should be noted that when I am nervous (especially when i get around my folks) I tend to develop an extremely weird gay / southern drawl that embarrasses me somewhat.
With that said... here are some pictures:

White Rainbow:


See the rest of the pictures from the night at Mike's rad photo website, Deadly Designs.

Check out Sloan's audio recording at his equally rad audio website, Southern Shelter.

Kristin's oral review of the show, delivered to me afterwards:
"It was pretty good I guess, even if 90% of it was stand-up comedy..."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Atlas Sound - How I Escaped the Prison of Fractals CD-R (July 2006)

1. I Slept On The Bridge
2. Rendered
3. Recent Bedroom
4. So Many Bodies
5. Power Trip
6. Phantom's Blues
7. At a Young Age
8. Youth Energy (For Epic Soundtracks & Nikki Sudden)
9. Acrylics


This is the actual rip from the cd-r. I'm not sure if the version previously posted in the comments section was correct. Some of this stuff is pretty rough sounding as it was recorded all in one Saturday afternoon onto a four-track with dirty tape-heads.

Micromix 14 For February 14

1. Sparks - Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
2. Olivia Tremor Control - Grass Canons
3. The Chap - Younger People
4. Terrestrial Tones - The Sailor
5. Jimmie Rodgers - Frankie and Johnny
6. BBQ Killers - Chester Drawers
7. Camper Van Beethoven - Oh No!
8. Everly Brothers - I Wonder If I Care as Much (another version)
9. The Feelies - It's Only Life
10. Link Wray - Jack The Ripper
11. "Little" Peggy March - I Will Follow Him
12. Otis Redding - That's How Strong My Love Is
13. Aphex Twin - Nannou
14. Edward Clayborn - Death Is Only A Dream
15. Knyfe Hyts - Smoke The Milk
16. Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Atlas Sound - Cloves

Hey guys here is a new atlas sound jam. Its about discomfort and terror. Its called "Cloves." PostGRUNGE death trip. Smoke a spliff before you dig into this one.


years were spent uh huh
prayer addict uh huh
quit smoking those cloves
praise the dawn uh huh
reach the top uh huh
keep walking towards the creek
save your crimes uh huh
bored to death uh huh
save your crimes
until you need them
until you need them


click this:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Atlas Sound - Orange Ohms Glow EP / Some Random Vinyl Rips

Atlas Sound: Orange Ohms Glow EP
Recorded February 2-5 2008


1. Orange Ohms Glow (3:06)
2. Activation (4:06)
3. Hunting Quail (2:01)
4. Coriander (3:27)
5. Humidity (2:37)
6. Valley of the Saroos (Joe Meek Cover) (4:54)

Orange Ohms Glow:

coral or uneven cloth
under mirror-like surface
activation in the abyss
mouth on mouth was catalyst
change the way you feel back home
change the way desire folds
predict the maze and plan escape
as tens of thousands of portraits fade
avoid the signal trace the call
abandon reason break his jaw
activation was described
guard your land set traps and hide
coral or uneven cloth
under mirror-like surface
activation in the abyss
mouth on mouth was catalyst
change the way you feel back home
change the way desire folds
predict the maze and plan escape
as tens of thousands of portraits fade
as tens of thousands of portraits fade

Hunting Quail:
When they bring four eyes
when they told me surprise
they bring whole eyes
keep the heads frozen
they print change of scene
will i be older?
will i be older?
my father took me
on a trip hunting
we didn't catch a thing
blame it on the weather
we went back home
to the cabin prepared for us
build a fire, will you?
bring the wood, bring the wood
i would not count on it
i would not count on it
someday even
murder my own memory

(Instrumental, full disclosure - this is a total attempt at making a Casino Versus Japan song)

Caroline you've grown into quite the beast
responsible and quick
have you seen my keys?
trying to count my hens
trying to count my hens
Caroline you've seen
your t-shirt was burning
steal across the field
haunt the hares and feel
remote and free
remote and free
remote and free
Caroline you've grown
hardly recognize
glass mosaic piece
reflected in your eyes
fire burns the palms
the mountain wind is calm
stare out your door
stare out your door
stare out your door

Valley of the Saroos (Joe Meek Cover):

Some Random Vinyl Rips:


The Crystals:

1. And Then He Kissed Me
2. Frankenstein Twist
3. He Hit Me (And If Felt Like A Kiss)
4. No One Ever Tells You
5. Please Hurt Me

Erik Satie:

6. Gymnopedes

Johnny Cash:

7. Don't Step on Mother's Roses
8. I Want To Go Home
9. It Could Be You
10. Old Apache Squaw
11. The Caretaker
12. My Grandfather's Clock

Martha & The Vandellas:

13. Jimmy Mack (live)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let me explain...

sorry about the sudden drop off in activity. i am feeling a little under the weather. i have a bunch of stuff waiting to go up here, its just been a rough week. the ghetto cross 7" might be delayed a little as cole and i failed to get together to finish it this week, and he's leaving for tour today. stay tuned for new stuff.