Monday, February 22, 2010

Micromix 25

Photo: Mississippi Records, Portland Oregon. February 2010

This micromix is a special one to me not only because it is the 25th (that number is probably a little off and doesn't count odd ones like Moses' recent "Micromix 0") but because it is modeled (with the exception of 2 songs) after a mixtape I listened to constantly while driving around Marietta delivering Chinese Food (second best job ever) when i was 19. The two new songs are ones that were i've been digging lately, "Video Life" by Chris Spedding which I only heard because of a friend, and "Hold My Body Down" by Robert Johnson (as the liner notes state: "not the Robert Johnson you're thinking of...") from the Mississippi Records cassette release "How Long Has It Been Since You've Been Home?" Hope you enjoy this mix.

- Bradford

1. Peggy Lee - Fools Rush In
2. Fela Kuti - Dog Eat Dog
3. Faust - J'ai Mal Aux Dents
4. Chris Spedding - Video Life
5. Glass Candy - Lady From The Black Lagoon
6. Nobukazu Takemura - Moth (Edit)
7. Robert Johnson - Hold My Body Down
8. The Feelies - On The Roof


J'ai Mal Aux Dents

J'ai mal aux dents!
j'ai mal aux pieds aussi!
This is a man hard working song
there is... no old dream
we practiced for years my friend
to get this machine screams
noise follows questions honey
the hero is a business bunny
if it means money
this is time maybe we do it without crime
because you are crying and i don't listen
because you are dying and i just whistle
that thing so anonymously today
and echoes of my laughter burn into your seven hour turn

The problem is not only pain
if time could be part of machine
you could pack it, see it's clean
you could roll the end to start
tomorrow skip my plastic heart
beating for a spacey blues
and you could hear it without shoes

It's been a nice (historic) role
first call the name and then the code
first call the code and then the name
i think it's still a funny game


Here we go sisters, here we go man
your home made connections
i do what i can
your tranquilliser body touch is very nice because
and i don't need you
makes you wait for the master because
i don't need you
and you sit on your chair with your distant care
this mind blowing freak
makes my mind very sick
and the seasons grow without your be active or die blow
say A.M. man, say A.M. woman's role
see the mind control is perfect
and you still have your daddy's smile
fences on the floor are not there
because you can't hide
you get your children, you get your car
what do you think how old you are
what do you think what people need
it's not that plastic, let it bleed
it's not that plastic honey don't
because you understand you won't
see your generation with their
TV on standby

j'ai mal aux pieds aussi!
Schempal Buddah
ship on a better sea!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

more logo's (i love these things)

this is supposed to be russian one.if there's are anything like this than it must have been really scary to grow up there.

and why does mickey have like 5 10 layers inside of his body???

Monday, February 1, 2010


remember when you were little...

and you were watching frosty the snowman.
When all the sudden after it was done a weird barrage of creepy animated rays and lights almost appeared to come out of the television. and you were hypnotized into a psychedelic trance, THAT SCARED THE LIVING,
SHIT OUT OF YOU.That was logophobia and from Sesame street to Mickey
mouse,TV production company's brought you these disstressing shorts to warp your mind with esoteric fucking beams of light and sound.these should be rated R!for brain disturbace